By Lydia Fitri Ramadhani (Grantee from Hasanuddin University)


Hard rain occurred in Bantaeng, South Sulawesi on June 12th, 2020 made many people lost their properties and souls. VDMI RR Makassar initiated to open a donation to help the flood victims. The donation was opened from June 18th to 27th (10 days). On June 28th, Rp1.040.000 were collected and distributed by RR Makassar in the form of rice, cooking oil, sugar, etc. The person in charge at Posko Lazismu Bantaeng, Iwan Setiawan, on behalf of the victims, expressed his gratitude and committed to distributing the donation to the victims. The field coordinator, Nirwan and RR Makassar suggested VDMI family to keep sharing goodness to people and societies around them.

RR Makassar buy some daily needs for donation

Packages for Flood Victim in Bantaeng

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