Reported by Lidia Fitri Rahmadhani B (grantee from Hasanuddin University – Makassar)

On December 15, 2019, Regional Representative (RR) Makassar held an event with the theme: Goes to Lakkang. In two weeks, 9 VDMI alumni and grantees collaborated for the preparation and the implementation of the event. There were 26 children from Lakkang participated in this event. This event consisted of three main activities which are learning, cleaning, and sharing. At 09.30 AM VDMI alumni and grantees went to the location with a small boat. The location which closes to the Tallo river makes the only available transportation to the location is a boat. The day before, several members of the committee visited the location to ensure and invite the children of Lakkang to participate in the next day event.

The event was started by the participants introduced themselves and stated their dreams. Then, they were facilitated by the committee to learn about garbage and kinds of it. After the learning session, they were directed to play with some pictures to learn how to differentiate garbages. The top-three team received prizes. However, the other two teams also received entertainment prizes for their effort. While eating, the children were also taught about eating manners. Furthermore, 10 participants received the holy Quran as the prize for their active participation in the Q & A session. The activity was closed with cleaning activities and a photo session

Activity in Lakkang with Children

Enthusiasm of Children in Lakkang

Participants RR Makassar goes to Lakkang

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