Reported by Elsita Rambu Kahi (alumna from Artha Wacana Christian University – Kupang)

December 1, 2019, Regional Representative (RR) Kupang conducted social activities at the Mangrove Oesapa public library. This activity is the weekly schedule of VDMI alumni and grantees in Kupang. The activity attended by 8 children, 2 alumni, and 3 grantees from Nusa Cendana University (UNDANA) including one of the 2019 Citizenship Workshop (CW) Bandungan participants, Framinus D Larisano. Before the learning process took place, Elsita, one of the VDMI alumni, picked up the children at their respective homes and asked for parental consent.

At 3:00 PM, the activity began with a prayer by Imanuel, one of the children from the Mangrove Oesapa public library. After praying, Elsita opened the session and divided the children into 4 groups based on their grades at schools. Grade 1 consisted of 3 children: Caca, Selo, and Immanuel. Led by Evan they learn to read and count. Grade 2 consisted of 2 children: Tata and Disa. Led by Yuni, an alumna from Artha Wacana Christian University (UKAW), they practiced reading and storytelling. Grade 3 consisted of 3 children: Putri, Lala, and Anisa. Led by Framinus (Rami), the children learned multiplication using fingers (i.e. the multiplication of 9), names of colors, and self-introduction in English. Grade 5, Anggi, led by Mey to learn names of days and school supplies in English. Furthermore, there was a quiz session guided by Elsita. Those who answered correctly received gifts. At the end of the session, Rami distributed the donation from CW Bandungan participants (Rp. 240,000) to the person in charge of the Mangrove Oesapa public library. The children happily received the gifts and promised to use it appropriately. Finally, the activity was closed with a photo session.

When the children went home, VDMI alumni and grantees conducted the activity evaluations and sharing sessions. Evan talked about the volleyball hobby that he has been trained from junior high school. He received various awards up to now. He is now a volleyball trainer at the Agriculture faculty of UNDANA. Meanwhile, Mey shared her experience in applying for CW. Yuni who has various social activities shared her experience in managing time. Finally, Elsita and Rami shared their experiences in joining CW Trawas and CW Bandungan.

Furthermore, On December 8, 2019, RR Kupang also held learning activities at the Mangrove Oesapa public library. The activity was attended by Ninin, a mangrove activist and environmentalist whose teaching schedule in the library is twice a week. This activity also attended by 7 children and 2 VDMI alumni. At around 15.00 PM, Disa, one of the children opened the session with praying. Thirty minutes later, the children were gathered into a group to watch an animation video about the benefit of mangrove and the danger of the plastic trashes. The children were so enthusiastic about watching the animation video. They understand that mangrove is very beneficial for erosion and abrasion prevention as well as protecting animals under the mangrove trees. Additionally, the children also surprised that mangroves can be used to produce cosmetics, ketchup, soap, and some kinds of food. After the session, the children were asked about what they had learned after watching the video. Also, they were motivated to keep the environment by throwing their garbage into the place (trash bin). The session was closed by Imanuel who led all of the participants to pray

Activity in Oesapa Public Library

Donation from Participant Citizenship Workshop Bandungan 2019 to Oesapa Public Library

Grantees and Alumni RR Kupang in Oesapa Public Library

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