Reported by Andi Faradilla (Grantee from Hasanuddin University)


During the pandemic situation, people try to create positive activities such as what RR Makassar do at Assyifa Orphanage. On November 8, 2020, VDMI RR Makassar and the orphanage residents finally can harvest veggies that they planted several weeks ago for the first time. “Alhamdulillah, today we can harvest the organic veggies. “The programs by VDMI RR Makassar are beneficial for this orphanage especially during the covid-19 situation,” said Ibu Nurlia, the Director of Assyifa orphanage. The orphanage residents hope that the programs can be sustainable.


Harvesting Organic Veggies at Assyifa Orphanage

Organic Veggies at Assyifa Orphanage

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