Reported by Nirwan, grantee from Hasanuddin University (Makassar)


The holy month of Ramadhan is the right moment to establish togetherness and friendship with others. Therefore, during this holy month of Ramadhan 1440 H, the RR Family of Makassar held a joint iftar (Break Fasting) event on Sunday, May 19 2019. The event was starting at 17:00 WITA which located at Soto Ayam Lamongan Cak Har, Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan Kota Makassar. Moreover, the event also accompanied by sharing experiences related to the VDMI activities that have passed. The event aims to increase the relationship and togetherness between grantees, as well as sharing information related to lectures and VDMI scholarships, such as Citizenship workshop activities and other activities.


The joint opening program began at 17.00 WITA. It began with preparing takjil, and when the Maghrib prayer call echoed the grantees broke the fast with takjil which had been served, followed by a big meal together. The event was finished at 19.00 WIB and closed with a group photo. The event was attended by approximately 10 Grantees who came from different departments and classes even though in one alma mater, the University of Hasanuddin Makassar. Thus, the expectations of this activity were not just ordinary meeting, yet in the future there will be activities that have a wider impact or influence, not only for the grantees but for the community.


With this event, it is hoped that it can increase the sense of solidarity among fellow Grantees, instill a sense of caring for each other, and be able to be useful students for their surroundings and can be a generation that is not only intellectually intelligent but intelligent in spiritual matters.

Grantees in Buka Puasa Bersama RR Makassar

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