Reported by Matta Simamora, grantee from University of North Sumatera (Medan)

Monday, May 27th, 2019 Regional Representative (RR) Medan has held the Iftar and gathering with grantees and alumni. This event was held in order to strengthen the relationship between the alumni and grantees in RR Medan. This event was held in a café and attended by 23 grantees and alumni, this still amounts comparing with the list of members, but because the weather at that is not really supporting.


This event is opened with a pray from Ayu Juwita Bustami a grantee from The State University of Medan, and continue with the welcoming speech from Matta Simamora a grantee from University of North Sumatera as the person who is responsible for this event. There is also the introduction of the member that was fun because they have to remember the name of each member, this moment is full of laugh because they most of them are weak to remember the names of all members there.


After Maghrib, the event continues with iftar, there is a joke between the member “don’t worry to order a lot of food, this still on the 27th”. After finishing the meal together, followed by a Sharing Session on the History of VDMI Scholarships presented by Fitri Sundari Grantee Medan State University which is a Participant Citizen Workshop in Bandungan 2019. Fitri explained the history of the VDMI scholarship, activities from VDMI and VDMI RR Medan and expectations of VDMI to each grantee. This session was quite interesting because it received a positive response from new grantees by giving questions.


Furthermore, there was also a sharing session from Hodflegon Sianturi, an Achievement Student of the North Sumatra University Diploma, he shared the story of the selection process until he was crowned an outstanding Diploma student. Besides that, there was Suriandi, an alumnus of the University of North Sumatra who shared her life story until finally he was accepted into BUMN, there was also Kanura who shared his stories about his journey so he could become a good teacher. Alumni gave the motivation to remain bear and enthusiasm for education. After the sharing session was finished, the event was continued by a joint photo session and greetings by grantee and alumni, hopefully, after this event, the relationship of each member become as close as possible.


Alumni and Grantees RR Medan in Iftar Activity

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