Reported by Jelita Manullang, grantee from Medan State University

Welcoming Christmas, VDMI RR Medan with the children of Sahabat Keluarga Indonesia Orphanage did room decorations and made crafts from origami paper. This activity was carried out on Saturday, December 04, 2021. This activity started at 14.00-17.30 WIB and was attended by 13 members of VDMI RR Medan. Equipment and supplies to decorate the room have been prepared. RR Medan and the children from the orphanage shared the task of making a Christmas tree and making creations out of origami paper. The children were very enthusiastic in making creations and helping each other to decorate the room. The activity this time was very fun and the orphanage children. They thanked RR Medan for being there to decorate the room and teach them to make creations from origami paper so that their room was more colorful and felt the atmosphere of Christmas.

RR Medan and Sahabat Keluarga Indonesia decorating the room

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