Reported by Nopri Sinaga, alumna from Medan State University

December 18, 2021, RR Medan distributed donations for the Social Project that had been carried out by the VDMI Family from October-November 2021 at Sahabat Keluarga Indonesia Orphanage from 15.00 – 18.30 WIB.

The orphans share their impression with RR Medan

It was opened by Keren (grantee of Medan State University) as the host. Then games were held to give encouragement to the orphanage children. After that, it was continued with the impressions of the orphanage children on the activities and visits of RR Medan so far. Finally, RR Medan give the donation to Pengurus Yayasan Sahabat Keluarga Indonesia Orphanage. The donations are bookcases, study tables, fans, food, and several other equipment. Nopri Sinaga, chairman of VDMI RR Medan, thanked the orphanage for allowing RR Medan to study and share with them. Bobby Manullang, secretary of VDMI RR Medan as well as representing alumni of RR Medan also handed over several gifts to the orphanage children and said that whatever was given could be used as well as possible for the needs of the orphanage.

RR Medan distributed the donation

The Chairperson of the Orphanage, Mr. Ginting, thanked the VDMI Family for helping Sahabat Keluarga Indonesia Orphanage. He said that since RR Medan teach and share with them, many changes have occurred. Children in orphanage have a new spirit to doing something and make them happy. He also hopes that VDMI RR Medan will continue this activity with the orphans

Nopri Sinaga give thanked to Sahabat Keluarga Indonesia Orphanage

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