Reported by Dina Ramadhani, grantee University of Sumatera Utara


Saturday, October 21 2023, VDMI Regional Representative (RR) Medan held social activities at the Kasih Murni Teladan Medan Orphanage which is located on Jl. Saudara Ujung, Sudirejo II, Medan, North Sumatra. The activity was attended by 33 people (grantees and alumni). This is the initial activity for the ongoing Medan Social Project.

The event was hosted by Nelson Haria

The first visit began with introductions to 27 children from the orphanage. The activity was guided by Dina Ramadhani and Nelson Haria (grantees of the University of Sumatera Utara). It was opened by Desman Hura as a representative of BPH (Badan Pengurus Harian) RR Medan and continued by one of the orphanage administrators. Children and grantees were divided into five groups for the “Guess the Word” game. Building a sense of kinship, the activity continued with a Sharing Session by providing motivation and enthusiasm to the children. The activity ended with a group photo.

Games “Pesan Berantai”

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