Reported by Olivia Wandana Putri, grantee from State University of Padang (Padang)


On November 10, 2019, VDMI grantees from State University of Padang (UNP) conducted a charity event at Rumah Singgah Pasien (RSP) IZI Padang. The donation was the result of the charity concert held before. The committee managed to collect Rp 2.203.500. It is expected that the donation can reduce the financial burden of the patients as well as encourage them to recover from their illnesses. Patients in this Rumah Singgah consist of children who suffer from leukemia and other types of cancer.


The RSP IZI Padang is a place for patients who originally come from outside Padang. They were directed by the local hospital to continue their medication to bigger hospitals in Padang. So, most of the patients stay in this Rumah Singgah for the period of their medications. Patients are treated like family in this Rumah Singgah. The RSP IZI managed by a foundation and the funding is from donation as well as Zakat (the mandatory donation for Muslim).

Donation for Rumah Singgah Pasien (RSP) IZI Padang

PIC UNP, Grantees UNP and Patient in Rumah Singgah Pasien (RSP) IZI Padang

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