Reported by Siti Masdiah Hayati (grantee from Lambung Mangkurat University – Banjarmasin)

Sunday, December 1, 2019, VDMI grantees from Regional Representative (RR) Banjarmasin conducted a fundraiser for the community affected by the fire accident in Sebuku Island, Kotabaru. Hundreds of houses in Sungai Bali village were consumed by fire around 00.30 AM. It is estimated that around 700 people lost their homes. The incident touched the hearts of many people. Various communities and institutions including RR Banjarmasin held a fundraising.

Saturday, November 30, 2019, on one of the multipurpose building of the Lambung Mangkurat University (UNLAM), a preparatory meeting for the fundraising was held. The next day, RR Banjarmasin started the fundraising at 16:00 PM They were divided into two groups: 5 people are from UNLAM in Banjarbaru campus and 9 people from UNLAM in the Banjarmasin campus. Standing in front of the entrance gate as well as the exit gate of the campus, each member carried cardboard stated, “Donation for the fire accident in Sebuku Island, Kotabaru”. Although the location of the fundraising was separated, it did not reduce their enthusiasm to ease the burden of those who have been affected by the fire accident. The fundraising finished at 18:00 PM.

Grantees of Lambung Mangkurat University – Fundraising

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