Reported by Oktizalia Pratiwi, grantee from Andalas University (Padang)


As a commitment to RR Padang in VDMI’s motto that is ‘Learn, Share and Encourage’, on March 17th, 2019, RR Padang held a routine activity at Rumah Baca Kampung Tanjung (Reading House). Several grantees, the youth of Desa Kampung Tanjung and elementary school students took part in this activity, which was started from 9 am. The activity was opened with an introduction with using the Minang language (the regional language of West Sumatra). This was one way to introduce and preserve Mother Language in West Sumatra while celebrating International Mother Language Day on February 21.


The next activity was counting numbers. It was using Indonesian and English. The Students tried to recite numbers 1-100 using the correct Indonesian and English. As a measure of the success of today’s activities, we try to exercise confidence in the students reciting numbers in front of their friends.


The activity ended with reading a book together. At Rumah Baca Kampung Tanjung, many books can be used as a reading book for children there. The next activity is expected to be many alumni and RR Padang grantees that will follow the event.

Grantee RR Padang teaches counting numbers in Indonesia Language and English

Children in Kampung Tanjung learn introducing themselves

A2A Vol. 86 | III | 2019

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