Reported by Joti, grantee from Tanjungpura University (Pontianak)


Reading book is one of the activities that probably becoming rarely found at this time. This makes a Grantee of the University of Tanjungpura Pontianak to introduce the culture of reading books around. On Sunday, March 17th ,2019, ‘Bookpacker on The Road’ was carried out by several UNTAN grantees. This activity took place on Car Free Day at Jalan A.Yani, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Starting from 6 – 9 in the morning and 30 books were provided.


The event was held under the shady trees so that make a lot of people read in the UNTAN Bookpacker stalls. Visitors in car free day can read books after being tired of exercising. Grantees also provided mineral water for visitors to Bookpacker. For visitors who are still in college and high school, this is also becoming the place for the introduction of VDMI scholarships to them.


Adding cash money to grantees of VDMI UNTAN, on this occasion also held activities to sell snacks or snacks. This is expected to be a capital in making further activities. “This activity is very good because it can add insight and cultivate reading books again. If it possible, this activity can be held every car free day, “said a visitor.


Hopefully the Bookpacker event can be useful for the surrounding and more people want to read the book again.

Grantees Tanjungpura University in Bookpacker

Visitors in car free day read books


A2A Vol. 86 | III | 2019

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