Reported by Fadel Muhammad, grantee from Padang State University


On May 1, RR Padang held iftar at Nur Ilahi orphanage, Padang. The iftar moment was utilized to distribute the donation from the VDMI Goceng program held for five months, started from January to May 2021. The VDMI Goceng is a charity program, which collected donations and preloved clothes from VDMI grantees or alumni in Padang. A total of IDR 800.000 and preloved clothes were given to the orphanage manager. Thirty orphans enthusiastically greet VDMI RR Padang members and follow the whole session. The event was started by an opening speech from a member of RR Padang and the orphanage manager. A motivational session was also given to encourage the orphans to pursue education. VDMI RR Padang thanks those who participated in the VDMI Goceng program. Hopefully, there are going to be more social activities from RR Padang.

Iftar Time

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