Reported by Siti Indarwati Asriana, grantee from Hasanuddin University (South Sulawesi)

RR Makassar held Ramadhan iftar with 25 LKSA Assyifa residents On Saturday, May 8. This event started from 17:00 up to 19:00 WITA. It aimed to build a strong bond between the orphans and the RR Makassar members. Before the iftar, the orphans prayed together led by Nirwan, the VDMI alumnus from Hasanuddin University. After the iftar, RR Makassar members and the orphans prayed Maghrib together led by one of the orphans. The small act of kindness can bring joy to not only those who ‘take it’ but also to those who ‘give it’.

Members of LKSA Assyifa Makassar

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