On September 30, 2018, grantees from RR Padang held a gathering at Taman Melati, Adityawarman Museum. 13 Grantees (Padang-UNP State University, Andalas University-UNAND and Bung Hatta-UBH University) were present at this event. The main purpose of this gathering was to maintain ties between VDMI families.


Elsa Nur Afifah (grantee UNP) and Oktizalia Pratiwi (grantee UNAND) shared the experience of the Citizenship Workshop followed in September 2018 in Jatinangor, West Java. Elsa and Tiwi shared experiences from adjusting to other participants in the workshop to the activities they did. Togetherness and solidarity, discipline, being an influencer for the environment and society are the important points they receive during the activity. In addition, they also shared about different bold material, good communication, pride in Indonesia and began to start activities from themselves.


The earthquake and tsunami that happened to relatives in Palu, Central Sulawesi on September 28, 2018 became one of the concerns when gathering. For this reason, RR Padang held a fundraising effort to ease the burden on the brothers in Palu. Fundraising is carried out from 1-7 October 2018 with a donation system per campus and later combined. RR Padang managed to collect donations amounting to Rp. 4,241,000 (four million two hundred forty one thousand rupiah).


On October 15, 2018, Oktizalia Pratiwi and Zahra held a meeting with one of the VDMI alumni (Afdal). The activity took place in the rectorate room of Padang State University. On this occasion, there were already several activities planned for RR Padang. Some of the activities that will be carried out include healthy walking and clean action, blood donations, planting tree seeds and visiting orphanages. Cooperation, caring and togetherness prove RR Padang can be active in many activities that are beneficial for the surrounding.


Gathering RR Padang at Taman Melati, Adityawarman Museum

Fundraising RR Padang for Palu

Meeting RR Padang at Padang State University


A2A Vol 81 | X |2018

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