10 October 2018, RR Jatim-Bali held a gathering at Kahuripan 203 Building, Airlangga University (UNAIR), Surabaya. The gathering was attended by the Director of Student Affairs UNAIR, PIC UNAIR, Grantees and Alumni from UNAIR, UHT (Hang Tuah University), and ITS (November Ten Technology Institute).


The activity began at 3:00 p.m. and was opened by a speech from the Director of Student Affairs UNAIR – Mr. Dr. M. Hadi Shubhan, SH, MH, CN. Then continued the presentation of the 2018 Meeting and Award PIC results by PIC UNAIR – Mr. Akhmad Jayadi. Mr. Akhmad Jayadi said that all RRs must maintain solidarity and continue to be active in social activities.


Ahmad Syahroni (grantee from ITS) and Rainyta Andyana Putri (grantee from UNAIR) shared their experiences and stories during the Citizenship Workshop in Jatinangor, West Java. Alistya (UNAIR alumni) also shared experiences about the Excellent Writing Club activities which were followed in July 2018 in Yogyakarta. “The Citizenship Workshop is an unforgettable experience that can bring me together with cool speakers and friends from various regions, besides that the knowledge and knowledge provided is very useful for the future,” said Rainyta.


In addition, Annisa Taqwa (RR Jatim-Bali Coordinator) also shared about activities that have been and will be carried out by RR Jatim-Bali. It is expected that the East Java-Bali RR Gathering can be a place and add to the solidarity of Grantees, Alumni and PICs at the East Java-Bali Regional.

Speech from Director of Students Affairs of Airlangga University

Sharing with Annisa – Coordinator of RR East Java-Bali

Sharing Session with Alistya – participant Excellent Writing Club (UNAIR)

Sharing Session with participant of Citizenship Workshop Jatinangor – Rainyta (UNAIR) and Roni (ITS)


A2A Vol 81 | X | 2018

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