Reported by Moh Kuspianto, grantee from Semarang State University (Semarang)


RR Semarang with the Satoe Atap Community (Sayang Itoe Asli Tanpa Pamrih) was held regular teaching activities on Tuesday, 13 November 2018 on the terrace of the Office of the Karangkidul Village, Central Semarang, commonly called the Spot Seroja ( The Satoe Atap Community is a community that has been established since 12 April 2007 at the initiative of Diponegoro University students. This community is based on a basic philosophy of love and care for others and focuses on issues concerning education, especially school-age children who drop out of school due to economic factors. The target of the Satoe Atap Community is street children, beggars, and scavengers, but it does not rule out other disadvantaged children.


Teaching this time, RR Semarang and the Satoe Community Roof was using the snake ladder quiz with the children. This game tests knowledge about Indonesian Heroes. The activity was opened with a prayer together according to their respective beliefs. The Seroja Spot children were divided into 2 groups, namely the Red Team and the Blue Team. They played snakes and ladders as usual, but previously had to answer the questions asked. If the answer is correct, then get a score of +1, and if the loser gets a score of -1. This score was summed with the dice that comes out and determined how many pawns can advance. For example, if the dice is 4 and the answer is correct (+1), then the pawn can advance by 5 steps.


The children from Spot Seroja were enthusiastic about playing the snake ladder quiz. They also actively discussed with group friends to determine the correct answer. After passing dozens of quiz questions and going up the stairs and going down the snake, finally the snake ladder quiz was won by the Red team. Through this activity, it is expected to be able to increase knowledge, especially in the field of History, for the younger siblings of Spot Seroja and to preserve traditional games that are beginning to be shifted by technological sophistication. Playing outside with friends is fun, friend. Semangat Hari Pahlawan!

Snake Ladder quiz with the children in Spot Senja


A2A Vol 82 | XI | 2018

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