Reported by Selviani, grantee from Lambung Mangkurat University (Banjarmasin)


RR Banjarmasin in collaboration with the FPK Marine Science Generation Student Association of Lambung University Mangkurat Banjarbaru conducted Mangrove Seed Planting activities. This activity was carried out in the coastal area in Angsana Village, Tanah Bumbu Regency, South Kalimantan which was attended by Lambung Mangkurat University Alumni and Grantees on November 23, 2018.



Mangroves in Angsana Village are very crowded, but it is a shame because many people use them excessively without thinking about their sustainability. In fact, mangroves not only function as producers of oxygen, but also resist abrasion and as the ecosystem of biota.


The activity received a very good response from the village government and the surrounding community, this activity was also attended by students from MTS Syarif Ali Angsana. Therefore, the planting of mangrove seedlings was run very well. It is expected that this kind of activity can provide benefits either directly or indirectly to the Angsana community. “One Action Is Better Than A Thousand Talks”.

Mangrove Seed Planting in Angsana Village, Tanah Bumbu Regency

A2A Vol 82 | XI | 2018

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