Reported by Qudsiyyah Sri Raharjo, grantee from Bung Hatta University (Padang)


Located at the RSG building of the Faculty of Engineering, Padang State University, the Capacity Development Workshop of VDMI’s Grantees RR Padang was held on October 26, 2018. The event was attended by 90 participants consisting of Padang State University (UNP), Bung Hatta University (UBH), and Andalas University (UNAND) grantees.


The workshop was initiated by the UNP PIC (Mr. Arif Boy Wilson) which presented the speaker Mrs. Dra. An Fauziana Syafei, M.A with the material of ‘Communication with Empathy’. Participants were invited to understand that every communication that occurs has a lot of meaning, therefore it takes a filter and critical thinking with the information received. In addition, participants were asked not to be quickly affected by HOAX.


The next session was continued by sharing experiences with one of the Citizenship Workshop participants in Bandung (September 2018). Elsa (UNP grantee) shared her experiences while participating in that event. Starting from the training to time discipline, practicing leadership skills, doing collaboration, up to the most important thing was to love the Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia (NKRI).


On this occasion, there was also a sharing of experiences with VDMI Alumni. Afdal (UNP alumni) shared the activities he did while receiving the VDMI scholarship until this time. Afdal advised that grantees as the chosen ones could have an impact on the surrounding environment.

Participant of Workshop

Sharing Session with Elsa Nur Afifah (Citizenship Workshop Participant)

Sharing Session with Afdal (Alumni from Padang State University)


A2A Vol 82 | XI | 2018

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