Reported by Yuni Djara Djami, alumna from Artha Wacana Christian University (Kupang)

On March 20, RR Kupang distributed the donation from the VDMI family to those impacted by the flood and storm that occurred in East Nusa Tenggara. A total of 35 food packages were given at Taman Baca Mangrove Oesapa. One of the RR Kupang members, Yuni Djara Djami, open the meeting by introducing Van Deventer Maas Indonesia to the attendants. After that, RR Kupang members went to the other victim houses to distribute donations. While visiting the houses, RR Kupang members saw that some of the houses impacted by the flood had been recovered while some are destroyed and have not been rebuilt. So, the residents stay at their neighbor houses. The victims are happy to receive the donation and thank all VDMI families who contribute to help them. Though the donation might not much, at least we can do something for others who need our help.

Donation for Victim in East Nusa Tenggara

RR Kupang distributed donation for flood victims

RR Kupang distributed donation for flood victims

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